Wine Therapy
De gustibus non est disputandum!

There must not be debate concerning tastes. Taste is a matter of opinion in which there is no right or wrong.

As a true wine lover, you have absolute freedom to consume your favorite drink the way you want.

However, by adopting some rules from wine etiquette, you can additionally stimulate your senses and completely indulge in that glorious world of tastes.

Common misconceptions and truths about wine

Discover and resolve all delusions about wine:

- Is expensive wine always better one?
- Are there any rules when pairing food and wine?
- Is there any truth in the fact that wines should not be mixed?
- Bottles of inexpensive domestic wines are commonly lower-quality ones...

The choice depends primarily on your taste, but sometimes a experimentation can bring some completely new experiences.

Don't let hidden prejudices about wine limit you!  

Wine Workshop

Derive wine workshop is dedicated primarily to business people, but also to all wine lovers who want to get acquainted with wine culture and customs.

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Wine Tourism

Vineyard tour and a story about the production process as well as making the ultimate result, a perfect glass of wine, is a unique experience and part of our wine education.


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